In today's era, investors have more and more access to information, but how many of them can really help you beat the index? Here, I just want to give you who are investing in stocks 8 pieces of advice.

1, to make happy in the stock market, do not only think about money. If you buy stocks just to "make money", it is the first step in the wrong direction. Many people speculate in the stock market is intended to live a better life, if the speculation is always worried about the loss and become depressed, it is better not to stop before it is too late.

2, speculation can only use free money. You can use your free money to speculate on stocks without stress, so that you are not disturbed by the ups and downs of the stock market. If you invest most of your own money in the stock market, or even to finance the stock market, then the stock market will become like gambling It's like gambling. Remember, don't put all your possessions into the stock market, and never borrow money to buy stocks.

3, do not pursue windfall profits. The pursuit of windfall profits means that you have to take greater risks, and in the long run, there are no windfall profits in the stock market. Warren Buffett and other securities investment gurus from the stock market profits are hardly more than 50% per year, let alone you and me?

4, focus on the company fundamentals, not technical indicators. In the short term, the stock market is a voting machine, which reflects the mood of the market, but in the long term, it is a weighing machine, which reflects the value of the company. Time is the friend of good companies and the enemy of bad companies. Therefore, keeping an eye on good companies for long term investment is the way to win in the stock market. Buying and selling stocks, short term operators definitely end up less profitable than people who are long term investors!

5, never bet your money on just one stock. This is like betting on a roulette wheel, betting on a single number, although the profit is abundant, but the nature of investment has changed, such as a stock is not betting on, the risk of not throwing out when the time comes, the resulting loss will be difficult to predict and bear.

6, do not go to predict the psychology of large investors and institutions. This is the most futile behavior.

7, do not just want to buy "cheap". Many new stockholders only want to buy low-priced stocks, in fact, the bargains have a greater chance of falling, because the qualifications of low-priced stocks are often worse than high-priced stocks.

8, both up and down are part of the stock market. The ups and downs of the stock market are normal, and investors should strive to not be happy with the ups and not sad with the downs. Note: You need to have some stock trading experience. Inexperience will lead to ineffective teaching of stock technology, which is not conducive to community development. If you have experience investing in stocks now get more service

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